Highmark Electric Projection screen 120″

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Highmark Electric Projection screen 120″

SKU: ZS-HM72"Electric Categories: , Tag:


• Infra Red (IR) multi touch functionality – Your finger is
the mouse, directly touch what you want to control • True multi-touch – Simultaneously touch anywhere on
the board
• Up to 10 points of touch – Includes the commonly used
gesture controls (pinch, expand, flick) • Driverless – Can be used on ANY computer • Plug & Play – Simply plug into your computer and it just
• Cross Platform – Can be used on Mac, XP and Windows 7/8/10
• Marker pen friendly surface – Use as a regular
whiteboard and cleans without residue
• Crisp clear projection surface – Low glare and enhanced
• Interactivity – Finger sensitive or use with a stylus
• Hardy – Scratch resistant surface
• Easy for students and presenters of all ages
• Run any application with the touch of your finger • Bracket provided for easy wall or trolley mounting


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